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When is the last time you gave your car a second look? Or ran your fingers along the hood? Remember when you were in love with you car? You can fall in love again. Let us transform your weathered vehicle with a fresh coat of paint. We have choices available for every budget and soon you'll be driving the car you always wanted, again.
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Accidents happen! Bang in the blink of an eye, you have a problem. But at Flower City Collision our expertly trained technicians can repair your dents, dings and accidental damage to get you back on the road and onto your next adventure. Our results speak for themselves.


Flower City Collision is here to offer your company fleet services to keep you on the road. From rebranding services, accident management, corporate oversight benefits, flexible billing and repairs, Flower City Collision Fleet services are backed by our warranty everytime.
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Whether it's minor damage or large repairs, Flower City Collision can be trusted to repair your vehicle. We work with all major insurance companies to schedule, inspect and seamlessly repair your vehicle. Trust the body shop that makes it easy, affordable and reliable to repair your vehicle, Flower City Collision.
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Paintless Dent Repair

If you have minor dings or dents on your car, paint-less dent repair (PDR) may be a great affordable option to consider for repairs. This method uses special tools that pull the dents out of the surface of the vehicle without damaging the overall paint. Paint-less dent repair is available at participating locations only. Please contact your local store for more details.
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Spray Bed Lining

Whether it's a work truck or your family workhorse, the bed of your truck takes a beating. Flower City Collision can help protect it by maintaining the bed liner and creating a consistent, durable surface for your next roadtrip or project. Spray bed liners is a great investment to keep your truck looking great.
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If you are you out to impress, we have you covered. Maybe you just want to show a little love to your trusty ride or prep it for a sale at the best price. Detailing is the way to go. Flower City Collision gets into the details and will make your car or truck shine like new.
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We Practice Honesty

We adhere to the golden rule and believe honesty truly is the best policy. For a reliable body shop in Rochester, NY, you can turn to Flower City Collision. We fix routine dents and dings, and we also provide structural repairs. If your car has been damaged in an accident, you can count on our expertly trained technicians to provide high-quality work. Plus, all structural repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty. Along with dent repair, we provide superb painting services that will get your vehicle looking like new again. We offer several different packages, all with varying price points and warranties. No matter the service we’re providing, we’ll keep your budget in mind. We hope that your experience with us is easy, affordable, and hassle-free.

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