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Fender bender auto collision
If you have been in a collision, you know that it can be a traumatic experience. The last thing you want to do is haggle with your insurance company.
You just want to be back on the road again and you want your car back. That's why we handle dealing with the details involved with the insurance company.
Our goal is in getting your car back to new.
Mechanic inspecting the underside of a vehicle

To get your car back to like new, we need to use some incredibly sophisticated tools. Some of which you might not have seen before. Well here they are, we are pretty proud of the tools we use to get your car back to new.  Here is a list:

  • Front end damage repair, car crash repair,
  • motor lift, car crash repair, auto body repair in Rochester
  • repairing front end collision
  • front end car repair in Rochester,

We are experts at handling your collision repair.

Working with the insurance companies to get your car back to you in "like New" shape.

List of Equipment:

  • Chief Frame Machine, This is a 3 tower machine. Chief automotive's ez liner s21 system handles every collision repair. Chief automotive's ez liner s21 is the ultimate frame pulling system. it accommodates virtually any vehicle-from suvs, full-size pickups and vans to unitized small compacts. It’s a rack your body shop will never outgrow. The ez liner s21 combines all of the unique features that have made chief's ez liner system series the most productive and preferred pulling equipment by body shop technicians-easy access to vehicles, better pulling angles and multiple anchoring points. It also offers a multitude of repair options to handle almost all structural damage: front, rear or side-to-side.
  • Chief Measuring System – Whether detecting misalignment in a vehicle’s structure or verifying repairs have eliminated the damage, Chief Computerized Measuring systems can do the job. Our measuring system integrates the precision of laser scanning with a computerized data base for unmatched accuracy in collision repair and analysis. The Chief Measuring System measures on the principles of triangulation. The systems electronic body scanner houses two rotating laser lights that project toward light reflective targets that are suspended from vehicles for reference points. The information is transferred to the computer for diagnosis
  • 14,000 lb Rotary lifts - Cars. SUVs. Trucks. Vans. They can all drive right onto the lift and be in the air in no time. The gold standard of four post lifts, the lift is engineered with single-piece, non-welded runways to provide maximum long-lasting strength. Its louvered ramps provide improved traction and come with a powder-coated Hammer Tone paint finish for improved durability. And most importantly, the SM14’s adjustable latch bars ensure that the runways are level at any of the multiple locking positions.
  • asTech Pre/Post Scanning - The asTech diagnostic device is able to connect to a vehicle’s computer, provide information to an off-site master auto technician. The technician will diagnose, and resolve electronic and computer-related trouble codes as a result from collision, providing auto repair facilities with a detailed report featuring repair procedures recommended by OEMs. Perfect for auto repair facilities who want to save time, guarantee completion dates, improve shop efficiency, the asTech remote diagnostic device uses OEM factory scans to detect and resolve interior issues. According to asTech the “need for immediate attention after a collision has never been more important.” The asTech diagnostic device makes the process incredibly simple.
  • AllData - Created by experts, for experts, ALLDATA is the leading provider of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) service and repair information to the professional automotive service and collision industries. ALLDATA’s suite of products, including ALLDATA Repair, ALLDATA Collision, ALLDATA Manage Online, ALLDATA Mobile, ALLDATA Tech-Assist, ALLDATA Training Garage and ALLDATA DIY, are trusted worldwide by more than 300,000 technicians in 80,000 shops.
  • Cebora Welder - the company specializes in welding machines (MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA/SMAW, Spotters) and plasma-cutting machines. It has been an international byword for product quality and reliability since 1954.
Chief Frame machine at Flower City Collision

Chief Frame Machine

Rotary lifts at Flower City Collision

Rotary Lifts

Pre-post repair diagnostic

Pre/Post Scanning Diagnostic

Chief Laser Measuring Systems

Chief Laser Measuring System